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Cuyama Buckhorn

In This Country: A Chronicle of the Cuyama Valley

In This Country: A Chronicle of the Cuyama Valley

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This special depiction of Cuyama's History was written by Jane Slama a former longtime resident of the Valley.

“I began this work wanting to give an overview of the Cuyama Valley’s uniqueness. This quality is most clearly seen in its history and the people who have lived there. I was additionally motivated by the fact that no one had written comprehensively about the valley’s charm and its paradoxes. A great deal of information existed somewhere, but it was unclear where. So I began a hunt that widened as I learned more. I found details locked up in people’s family archives and experiences. Others were filed in historical libraries and museums. Some sat in databases on the internet. Initially I thought the project would not take me very long. I realized after several years I was wrong. I began it after living ten years in the valley and would spend the next eight years assembling it. The book is a testament to my deep caring and appreciation for this valley and the people who have or continue to have a connection to it.” – Jane Slama

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