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Cuyama Buckhorn

Jonathan Gold Ostrich Burger T-Shirt

Jonathan Gold Ostrich Burger T-Shirt

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Thirty years ago, then-Chief Food Critic of the Los Angeles Times, Jonathan Gold ventured out to New Cuyama because he’d heard that Cuyama Buckhorn was serving Ostrich Burgers and he was set on trying one. In his review, he wrote: “Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Agra has the Taj Mahal . . . and New Cuyama has the ostrich burger.”

And now — once again — for the iconic Ostrich Burger. In honor of Jonathan Gold, and the thirtieth anniversary of his visit to New Cuyama, the Ostrich Burger will be making a limited-time comeback on what would have been Gold’s birthday, July 28th.

Memorialize the once in a lifetime experience of eating a Cuyama Buckhorn Ostrich Smash with a t-shirt sporting Jonathan Gold’s 1993 review of the iconic menu item.

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