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Cuyama Buckhorn

Marianna Fierro's Ode to Ingredients Puzzle

Marianna Fierro's Ode to Ingredients Puzzle

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This past February, we were delighted to welcome Marianna, a food and beverage illustrator based in Los Angeles. Her stay marked the beginning of a delightful “Ode to Ingredients,” celebrating our dedication to sourcing the freshest local and seasonal treasures from the Cuyama Valley. 

Originally from Udine, Italy, where she was born and raised in a pizza shop, Marianna’s artistic journey has taken her from the bustling streets of New York to the creative hub of Los Angeles. Her unique talent lies in bridging digital experiences, branding, and impactful marketing campaigns, all driven by her commitment to making a positive difference in the world.

Marianna’s illustrations are a visual banquet, drawing inspiration from her Italian heritage, the vibrant spirit of farmers markets, heartwarming moments shared with friends, and the magic of color theory.

During her residency, Marianna’s creations came to life as beautiful postcards and a 200-piece puzzle, embodying the essence of Cuyama Buckhorn’s mission to celebrate local and seasonal goodness.

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